My name is Rachel Wager-Smith and I am a Sacramentian nerd with comorbid cases of cinephilia, severe nostalgia for things I have never experienced, neuroticism, and a touch of wanderlust. The combination of these syndromes has led me on a search to determine once and for all what the perfect movie is.

In the process of creating a grid which would allow me to determine just how perfect any one movie is, I decided to review all the movies in my personal collection to rate, review, and analyze each one. Thus, Griddy Films was born. However, I also realized that while finding the perfect movie is an ambitious and fun goal, it is more important to me to look for and celebrate strengths in the movies I see rather than to fixate on the weaknesses.

Do you know of a "perfect movie?" Or is there a movie you love that has a lot of flaws but is still fun and entertaining? Let me know using any of the social links below and I may just review it next!